on Mar 14

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Since our inception four years ago, Seven Levels Entertainment has expanded from a simple in-house transcription service to a company with global partners, ready to take on whatever new challenges the modern world can provide.
We specialize in transcription research for talk-to-text technology – accurate down to the syllable! But we can also easily accommodate any manner of transcription services you might require, from lecture series to legal to medical. Get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you!

Production Services
The Seven Levels team is made up of experts from all areas of the production field, and we have working partnerships with the best in the industry.
Our professional staff and partner organizations can fulfill your production needs in the following areas:
1. Production & Media services – writing, song-writing, production, photography and videography, post-production, location scouting, casting.
2. Online/Computer services – database & website creation/maintenance, artwork & graphic design, even coordination.

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