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There are a number of different types of transcription work we do, mostly concerned with improving talk-to-text technology. If any of the following types of work interest you, please feel free to sign up and we’ll email you when we’ve got projects in need of new transcribers.

Transcribers listen to audio samples of searches made on mobile phones, and then transcribe them according to a specific set of rules and instructions. Transcription is broken into both regular transcription (in which the work is transcribed from scratch) or prefilled transcription, in which a computer has made the first attempt, and our task is to correct the transcriptions. Most of our longer term projects are prefilled.

Transcription Approval

Transcribers listen to audio samples that have already been transcribed and check to see if they are correct according to the rules. This type of work usually moves very quickly, and the tight turnaround times for these projects reflect that. Of course, good language skills are still a must.

Audio Recording
This is essentially the other side of the work (and requires the least amount of skill), in which we recruit native speakers of a given language to record a list of prompts with a simple piece of online software. Speakers record using the microphones on their computers or smartphone/tablets, depending on the needs of the project. Essentially, they are recording the kind of search samples on which the “Transcription Approval” projects are based.

Audio Recording Approval

Transcribers listen to the prompts recorded in Audio Recording projects, making sure they are “correct”, in terms of pronunciation, authenticity (e.g. if it is a place name), and other rules and instructions.

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